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5 Motivating Factors behind the Automotive Podcast API003

An Automotive Podcast By Dave Eastman

In episode three we continue the introduction of the podcast goal of improving auto owner satisfaction with auto shop services. Our vision is to present unbiased auto repair facts from auto repair shop owners and employees.

In accomplishing our vision and mission we will use one of our core values, which is to be an impartial resource for repair shops and auto owners alike.

This discussion presents a summary of the complex issues in the automotive service industry that are prompting production of the podcast. The episode continues with the logic behind the vision and mission to improve auto owner satisfaction.

This episode presents five motivating factors behind production of the ASC podcast:

  1. The complexity of today’s vehicles
  2. The skills required of today’s technicians
  3. The battle for availability of technical repair information and tools
  4. The repair customers’ struggle for satisfaction at different types of shops
  5. The need for access to unbiased information so auto owners can identify and avoid unethical repair shop practices

Click on the following link if you are interested in viewing the full article titled “Why Produce an Auto Repair Podcast”. This article is summarized in this episode.

Key takeaways mentioned in this episode:

  • Reason for doing an auto repair podcast
  • Auto repair industry needs not being addressed
  • What needs to happen to improve the industry?
  • How the industry is already working to improve
  • How this podcast and website can benefit car owners
  • Why there is so much dissatisfaction with the automotive repair industry
  • My experiences and working observations
  • Will this be a platform for consumer complaints?

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