About Dave Eastman

I have over four decades of experience in the automotive repair industry as a technician, trainer, manager, and diagnostic equipment and software sales representative. For the past 20 years, my focus has been consulting with automotive repair shops, developing and optimizing websites to help them brand and market their business.

My passion has always been to improve the automotive service industry. My years in college prepared me as an automotive vocational program instructor. Since then, additional coursework and my employment experience has built on that foundation and as I continue in my pursuit to improve the quality of service provided by repair shops.

With the advent of mobile phones and the connection they provide to social media, video, and podcast technologies, I have moved in the direction of helping repair shops tell their stories to consumers in search of honest, reliable shops in their communities.

You can follow me on AutoShopConnection.com where I host a podcast to connect auto repair consumers with repair shops actively adjusting their business to provide the type of services auto consumers are looking for. You can also follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, or access my blog posts about auto repair by visiting DaveEastman.com.

My latest website and podcast is Auto Owner Story. The journey planned for this podcast is to present entertaining stories of fond childhood memories of family road trips or personal experiences connected with a vehicle from their past. It might be the story of their favorite vehicle that they wish they still had, or the story of their favorite that they still own. We will share these stories with people who are interested and want to be entertained, or have a good laugh.

I’ve lived in the Boise Idaho area since 1980 with a few short stays away from Boise. In 1984 I married Jan, a Boise Idaho native. We have four children and eight grand children.