Auto Shops - Discover the Benefits of Sharing Your  Story on Podcasts! 

   Auto Owners - Discover How to Find Trustworthy 
Auto Repair!

The Auto Shop Connection Podcast presents informative interviews and conversations with repair shops and repair customers. Just listen and learn or share your own auto story.

Auto Owner -

  • Access an un-biased resource so you can feel confident in what you learn
  • Learn how to avoid being misled by dishonest shop personnel
  • Hear important auto repair tips from shop employees with explanations you can understand

Repair Shop -

  • Provide prospective customers an opportunity to get to know you
  • Share affiliations with national organizations

This auto repair podcast helps auto owners connect with repair shops to minimize auto repair expenses and the frustrations that seem common when having car repair. It helps repair shops tell their story to attract ideal customers.

Auto Owner -

  • Save money on auto repair so you’ll have more money for personal choices and family fun
  • Discover how an honest shop can save you thousands of dollars per year
  • Listen to auto stories that translates into money saving advice
  • Identify which maintenance items can provide the best protection against expensive repairs

Repair Shop -

  • Let employees share their passion for excellence by telling their story
  • Highlight what makes your auto repair business different from all the others

The Auto Shop Connection podcast connects auto repair customers and repair shops by presenting engaging & informative automotive advice that empowers auto owners to find the best shops in their communities.

Auto Owner -

  • Learn how to find a reliable repair shop you can trust
  • Become acquainted with a shop before using their services

Repair Shop -

  • Enhance community trust and authority by sharing helpful stories
  • Increase online and social media mention of your repair business
  • Build relationships with auto owners and experience exponential company growth
  • Establish your shop as an authority in your community
  • Show ways your business is involved in supporting the local community

Our Mission -

Our mission is to collect and showcase automotive service professionals’ stories and empower auto owners to connect with the best automotive service provider for their needs in their community.

We also gather stories and feedback from auto owners giving repair shops the chance to learn more of what customers want so they can offer it.

Auto Owner Stories and Feedback

We interview auto owners to gather fun stories about their vehicles like – their first car, funny experiences, pet stories relating to cars, or anything that is entertaining. We also ask them about their experience with auto repair and let them share what made it positive or unpleasant as a way to provide feedback to shop owners.