About the Author
As an auto repair advocate, I’m on a mission to facilitate improved delivery of auto repair services by the auto repair industry. This mission includes helping auto owners learn how to find and work with the best automotive service and repair shops in their communities.Since 1997, my passion has led me to offer training and consulting services to automotive repair shop owners and their employees. In 2010 I added developing and optimizing websites to help repair shops brand and market their business. 2017 marks the addition of the Auto Shop Connection and Auto Owner Story podcasts and websites, along with the Dave Eastman blog.I’ve lived in the Boise Idaho area since 1980 with a few short stays away from Boise. In 1984 I married Jan, a Boise Idaho native. We have four children and eight grand children.

Tune Tech Downtown Introduction

Tune Tech Downtown is an auto repair shop that has been a staple in downtown Boise for almost 4 decades. In this episode Pat Marron Jr. tells us about the company and services they provide the local community and the people who work in town.

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Palmer’s Automotive Repair Interview ASI006

The Auto Shop Connection podcast’s mission is to interview auto repair shop owners, employees and customers. Our purpose is to improve communication and trust between shops and their customers.

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How Sharing Stories Can Benefit Your Auto Shop API005

Another Auto Podcast By Dave Eastman A repair shop with a podcast can benefit from an improved online presence, the ability to connect with its local community, having a status of being experts, and a reputation of being trustworthy and honest. This is the fifth in a series of introductory episodes that present the vision,…

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How Stories Can Improve Auto Repair Services API004

An Auto Podcast By Dave Eastman Almost every auto owner has had an auto repair experience they can share.  Stories offer a way to connect automotive consumers with repair professionals. They can give compelling feedback to those automotive businesses. These are stories that car drivers can relate to because of their own experiences getting vehicle…

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5 Motivating Factors behind the Automotive Podcast API003

An Automotive Podcast By Dave Eastman In episode three we continue the introduction of the podcast goal of improving auto owner satisfaction with auto shop services. Our vision is to present unbiased auto repair facts from auto repair shop owners and employees. In accomplishing our vision and mission we will use one of our core…

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