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With  our auto repair services  your car will run like brand new

We provide reliable, affordable services for your vehicle. You can choose quick service packages or auto repairs to meet your cars mechanical needs, we have it all.

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our services

Check Engine Lights

Check engine warning light diagnosis for emissions failure. Warning lights turned off after engine code failure is repaired.

Oil Change Service

Full basic and synthetic engine oil changes and vehicle inspection for other system problems.

Transmission Repair

Transmission repair for clutch problems, automatic transmission warning lights or shifting problems.

Cooling Systems

Radiator and cooling hose replacement. Electric cooling fan repair. Water pump replacement.

Engine Repair

Engine oil leaks, engine noise repair, mechanical internal failure of valves, pistons and oil pump.

Electrical Systems

Battery, alternator, and starter diagnosis and replacement. Lighting systems repaired. Window wipers and door locks.

Complete auto repair services for your car

  • We are an independent auto repair shop delivering professional repair and maintenance services for all vehicles
  • Our services are convenient for individuals and corporate fleets
  • We use eco-friendly products that protect and maintain your car better than the traditional automotive services.
Car Protection

Check Out Our Special Offer!

Don’t miss the opportunity to give a friend a 20% discount for a first time repair or maintenance service.  Bring someone you know with you and get  your car a free oil change!

our happy clients

Brett Graham, 28

My auto repair shop provides honest, friendly maintenance and repair for my car every time! I trust their recommendations. I know they won't sell me anything I don't need.

Rosie Hanson, 24
Real estate Associate

As a woman I need to know my automotive shop will take good care of me and my car. I need a reliable vehicle to shuttle my clients to show homes. Their quick service and flexible schedule are just what I need. They are impeccably honest.

Shawn Mattews, 35
project manager

My family van is constantly transporting my wife and kids to school and after school activities. I travel for work so I need to know my shop will keep my van running and breakdown free. These guys have done that for my family for 10 years. Exceptional service!

our offers

Basic Oil Change


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    Oil and Filter
  • check
    Top off fluids
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    Check over inspection
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    Tire inspection
  • check
    Coolant inspection

Ultimate Service


Includes basic service +

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    Premium Oil and Filter
  • check
    Wipers Replaced
  • check
    Wash and Vacuum

Supreme Service


Includes ultimate service +

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    Synthetic Engine Oil
  • check
    Coolant Replacement
  • check
    Tire Rotation

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