Auto Podcast Introduction

Tune Tech Downtown Introduction

In today’s episode I speak with Pat Marron Jr. of Tune Tech Downtown in Boise ID. Pat starts by telling us about his dad Pat Marron Sr. who started Tune Tech at this location in 1981. He tells about his mom and dad coming over from Ireland. They came to Boise and his dad started the company. Pat shares that his sisters and brother were a part of the company. His older brother, Sean and his five sisters would come down to the shop on weekends and help clean the shop or do other chores. 

Pat said they’re a big family and they like working together and doing things together. He said they have always helped one another out and working in the business was an adventure they enjoyed together.

Boise Auto Repair on All Makes and Models

When they started the company Pat’s mechanics primarily worked on Ford’s and Chevy’s. From there they grew into working on all import and domestic vehicles. Today that includes cars, vans, pickup trucks, and SUV’s. They are also an emissions test station. Everyone who lives in ADA County area is required to do an emission test every other year.

Pat said his dad always hired certified technicians who have gone through hours of training and education to get certified. Those techs would also continue their education with ongoing training every year. They have certifications in air conditioning repair, brake repair, engine repair, transmission repair, clutch repair and auto electrical repair. 

With all the electronics on today’s vehicles having the right equipment and training is required to diagnose cars and trucks with computer-controlled systems. Pat points out that Tune Tech Boise does diagnostics for check engine lights, antilock brake systems and all the other electronic system on import and domestic cars. He said they also do engine and transmission replacement and repair, as well as clutch replacements.

Tune Tech Downtown is committed to providing the best auto service and they do everything they can to protect their customers. They are a certified shop with AC Delco and NAPA Auto Care. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and are an approved auto repair shop for AAA.

Pat shared about his personal family but he also talked about his company family. He said the people that work here are like family to us. He said we’ve got one of our employees, Ben, that’s been here since 1981 when the shop opened. Both of their managers in the office have over 10 years with the company. Other technicians have been there over a decade or better.

Tune Tech does all forms of repair and diagnosis but they also take care of their customer families by keeping their vehicles current on all maintenance services. They do oil changes, transmission flushes, 4×4 services and all other maintenance.

Additional Service and Benefits Provided by Tune Tech Downtown:

  • Shuttle Service
  • After Hours Pick-up and Drop-off
  • Towing
  • Open 6 Days a Week
  • Quality Service without Dealership Price
  • Email Service Reminders
  • Online Vehicle History and Maintenance Records
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • Financing is also available

So whatever your auto repair or maintenance needs, Pat invites you to come by the shop at 1202 W State Street in downtown Boise 83702. If you can’t come by feel free to call if you have a questions or want to make an appointment.

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Auto Podcast Introduction

How Sharing Stories Can Benefit Your Auto Shop API005

Another Auto Podcast By Dave Eastman

A repair shop with a podcast can benefit from an improved online presence, the ability to connect with its local community, having a status of being experts, and a reputation of being trustworthy and honest.

This is the fifth in a series of introductory episodes that present the vision, mission and strategies behind the podcast. This episode takes the benefits listed above and expands them by covering four aspects of podcasting that work well when marketing an auto repair shop.

How Repair Shops Benefit from Having a Podcast:

  1. Sharing success stories helps with inbound marketing and referrals
  2. Sharing stories on a podcast brings seven other benefits to shops
  3. Letting employees share their story adds value
  4. The importance of differentiating your shop from other shops 

As a repair shop owner you may be curious about the value of sharing auto repair shop success stories on a podcast. You may even be intrigued about how it can benefit your repair shop.

In a nutshell, a podcast is like a radio show. How would it be to have your own radio show?

You could interview customers and other industry professionals. You could share customer stories or present topical presentations and tips to help auto owners.

The best thing about a podcast in todays smart phone connected society is that they can be listened to when it works best for listeners. And they can do it without all the radio advertising.

An important little-know fact that makes podcasts a great marketing media for repair shops is that almost every new car and truck manufacturer includes podcast software in their vehicles.

Think of the benefit to your shop if your customers can listen to one of your company’s podcast episodes while commuting to work in their car or truck.

Key Takeaways From the Episode  

7 More Benefits of Sharing Your Auto Shop Stories

  1. Listeners have the opportunity to get to know you and your employees
  2. Listeners can find out your primary focus, like Volvo, Toyota, Honda, etc.
  3. Highlighting your auto repair specialty . . . brakes, air conditioning, or electrical
  4. Sharing your affiliations, such as AC Delco, AAA, or NapaAuto Care Centers
  5. Pinpointing your location in your community so you can be found
  6. Providing options for the best ways for someone to connect with you
  7. Making mention of your participation in community activities and charities 

In Conclusion

Podcasting can build trust before a prospective customer comes to your shop.

Sharing stories of your successes in satisfying customers can go a long way for prospects to know, like and trust your company.

Demonstrating how your company is different than others is key to expansion and growth.

New content from podcasts with links from other online sites can help build your website and company authority.

Are you interested in learning more about how to start sharing your stories?

If so, contact us to discuss starting your company podcast.

It’s a great way to connect with auto repair consumers in your community. 

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Auto Podcast Introduction

How Stories Can Improve Auto Repair Services API004

An Auto Podcast By Dave Eastman

Almost every auto owner has had an auto repair experience they can share.  Stories offer a way to connect automotive consumers with repair professionals. They can give compelling feedback to those automotive businesses.

These are stories that car drivers can relate to because of their own experiences getting vehicle repair work done. Episode four of the Auto Shop Connection podcast shows how stories can connect automotive consumers to repair shops. Shared stories are compelling ways of engaging without offering offense in the process.

In this episode I share one of my own stories about a brake pulsation problem on a 2003 Buick that was proving difficult for several repair shops to pinpoint.

Why Share Auto Repair Stories?

Stories have been used for thousands of years to communicate and connect people in a community. They are a compelling way to engage attention or touch the heart and mind of an individual.

But how can a story bring about change in the auto repair industry. We all know from experience that confrontation is a common but oft ineffective way to bring about change.

By relating a story about a repair shop experience we had and how it made us feel, we can connect with automotive repair professionals. It’s an effective and non-threatening way of planting seeds that suggest the value of change.

By listening to vehicle owner stories shop owners and managers can choose to change or adapt policies and procedures in their company. Improvements that lead to happy customers will increase the frequency of them telling their family, friends, and co-workers.

How Auto Shop Connection will Help Auto Owners Share Their Story

While every interview will be a little different, most auto owners will be ask to answer several questions designed to help listeners get to know them. Then they will respond to questions about:

  • A memory relating to cars from your childhood
  • The make, model, and cost of your first vehicle
  • Other vehicles you’ve had over the years
  • Which vehicle was your favorite
  • What if any names you gave a car
  • Which vehicle do you wish you still had

We will also ask questions relating to experiences with auto repair shops like:

  • Which type of shop you use for your auto repair and maintenance
  • What most influences your reason for the type of shop you use
  • Describe an exceptional experience you’ve had at a shop

As you may remember from previous episodes, the goal of these interviews is to provide feedback for repair shop owners.

Sharing can help improve the way shops do business and improve the services they provided their customers.

My hope is that this information will help answer questions about the interview process. If you have auto repair stories you’re willing to share I look forward to the process of connecting with you.

Where to Get More Information

Auto Podcast Introduction

5 Motivating Factors behind the Automotive Podcast API003

An Automotive Podcast By Dave Eastman

In episode three we continue the introduction of the podcast goal of improving auto owner satisfaction with auto shop services. Our vision is to present unbiased auto repair facts from auto repair shop owners and employees.

In accomplishing our vision and mission we will use one of our core values, which is to be an impartial resource for repair shops and auto owners alike.

This discussion presents a summary of the complex issues in the automotive service industry that are prompting production of the podcast. The episode continues with the logic behind the vision and mission to improve auto owner satisfaction.

This episode presents five motivating factors behind production of the ASC podcast:

  1. The complexity of today’s vehicles
  2. The skills required of today’s technicians
  3. The battle for availability of technical repair information and tools
  4. The repair customers’ struggle for satisfaction at different types of shops
  5. The need for access to unbiased information so auto owners can identify and avoid unethical repair shop practices

Click on the following link if you are interested in viewing the full article titled “Why Produce an Auto Repair Podcast”. This article is summarized in this episode.

Key takeaways mentioned in this episode:

  • Reason for doing an auto repair podcast
  • Auto repair industry needs not being addressed
  • What needs to happen to improve the industry?
  • How the industry is already working to improve
  • How this podcast and website can benefit car owners
  • Why there is so much dissatisfaction with the automotive repair industry
  • My experiences and working observations
  • Will this be a platform for consumer complaints?

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Automotive Associations and Organizations

Auto Podcast Introduction

Introduction to the Auto Shop Podcast Part Two API002

Automotive Podcast By Dave Eastman

The introduction of the podcast continues by providing more detail about episode format and auto repair topics to be covered. It identifies the automotive professionals to be interviewed and describes the target audience that the podcast content is intended to help. It explains the podcast and Auto Shop Connection website mission and goal of highlighting exceptional repair shops.

The purpose of information shared in these monthly episodes is to help auto owners find a repair shop that will meet their individual vehicle repair needs.

Our mission will be accomplished when we show auto owners how to save money, time and frustration by connecting with reliable, efficient, and trustworthy auto repair organizations.

You can find a full description of this episode at Auto Repair Website and Podcast Show Introduction

Key Talking Points:

How the automotive podcast episodes will be presented

The episodes will be interviews of the following groups:

  • Owners, managers, or employees of repair shops
  • Parts personnel will share important aspects about parts purchases
  • Warranty and industry professionals
  • Automobile owners

Vision for the podcast – A unique auto repair alliance to inform, educate, and share

The vision for this podcast is to provide a unique way to deliver understandable content to vehicle owners with information to help them find cost effective, honest, and reliable auto repair that is the best fit for their unique needs.

The podcast audience is any individual or organization who:

  • Wants to save time and frustration by connecting with a trustworthy, reputable independent repair shop, franchise, or dealership
  • Is willing to connect via this site and social media
  • Wants to save on auto repair with a trustworthy shop
  • Will spend money to keep their car working safe and efficient

The podcast is also for any automotive shop owner, shop manager or employee who:

  • Wants the opportunity to show how and why they provide auto owners with exceptional service
  • Works to keep their customers so satisfied they’ll keep coming back
  • Wants to tell their story because they are confident in their company

Highlighting exceptional auto repair shops

It’s the mission of this podcast to give our audience the tools necessary to find the best automotive service and repair possible, at a fair price, with the most convenience. 

The episodes will showcase shops that are providing exceptional service for their customer. We will give those shops the opportunity to tell their story.

The mission of this podcast and its website is to

  • Provide a method for auto owners to give feedback to repair shops
  • Enable shops to improve their organizations by connecting them with customers
  • Showcase shops that are doing an exceptional job to earn customer trust
  • Spread the word so customers looking for great car repair experiences will know where to go to find them

In closing, I’d like to ask the following . . .

  • What topics would you like to hear about auto repair and service?
  • Are you more interested in repair pricing, or how to find a good shop?
  • Would you be willing to help service professionals by sharing your feedback?

I welcome your questions, comments or requests in the comment section below.

If you enjoyed the show please head over to iTunes, Google Podcast or other podcast hosting companies where you can leave a rating or write a review.

You can also sign up to get email updates by going to the Auto Shop Connection home page.

The goal of the Auto Shop Connection podcast and website is to provide the automotive information you need, when you need it, from sources you trust!