Auto Podcast Introduction

The podcast introduction provides details about episode format and auto repair topics to be covered. It identifies the automotive professionals to be interviewed and describes the audience that the podcast content is intended to help. It explains the podcast and ASC website mission and goals. Monthly episodes help auto owners find a repair shop that will meet their individual vehicle repair needs.

Introduction to the Auto Shop Podcast API001

An Automotive Podcast By Dave Eastman In this first episode Dave Eastman introduces the podcast as an alliance between repair shops and auto owners. He presents his vision and objective for the podcast as a way of helping auto owners have a better auto repair experience by accessing unbiased and trustworthy information from repair professionals. Most…

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Auto Repair Shop Success Stories Drive More Traffic

Auto shop owners, you may be curious about the value of sharing auto repair shop success stories on a podcast. You may even be curious about what a podcast is. In a nutshell, a podcast is like a radio show. You have the opportunity to tell your story.

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Auto Repair Stories Connect Customers to Shops

Almost everyone has one or more auto repair stories they could share . . . a story that countless drivers can relate to. Here’s one of my own about a brake pulsation problem on our 2003 Buick that was proving difficult for our repair shop to pinpoint. After multiple trips and repair bills that didn’t…

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Why Produce an Auto Repair Podcast

  Three observations about changes within our society and the auto repair and service industry answer the question “Why produce an auto repair podcast?” Automobiles are becoming more and more complex requiring auto repair and service providers to keep improving to stay competent and relevant Social media and technology provide access to information about industry…

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