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How Stories Can Improve Auto Repair Services API004

An Auto Podcast By Dave Eastman

Almost every auto owner has had an auto repair experience they can share.  Stories offer a way to connect automotive consumers with repair professionals. They can give compelling feedback to those automotive businesses.

These are stories that car drivers can relate to because of their own experiences getting vehicle repair work done. Episode four of the Auto Shop Connection podcast shows how stories can connect automotive consumers to repair shops. Shared stories are compelling ways of engaging without offering offense in the process.

In this episode I share one of my own stories about a brake pulsation problem on a 2003 Buick that was proving difficult for several repair shops to pinpoint.

Why Share Auto Repair Stories?

Stories have been used for thousands of years to communicate and connect people in a community. They are a compelling way to engage attention or touch the heart and mind of an individual.

But how can a story bring about change in the auto repair industry. We all know from experience that confrontation is a common but oft ineffective way to bring about change.

By relating a story about a repair shop experience we had and how it made us feel, we can connect with automotive repair professionals. It’s an effective and non-threatening way of planting seeds that suggest the value of change.

By listening to vehicle owner stories shop owners and managers can choose to change or adapt policies and procedures in their company. Improvements that lead to happy customers will increase the frequency of them telling their family, friends, and co-workers.

How Auto Shop Connection will Help Auto Owners Share Their Story

While every interview will be a little different, most auto owners will be ask to answer several questions designed to help listeners get to know them. Then they will respond to questions about:

  • A memory relating to cars from your childhood
  • The make, model, and cost of your first vehicle
  • Other vehicles you’ve had over the years
  • Which vehicle was your favorite
  • What if any names you gave a car
  • Which vehicle do you wish you still had

We will also ask questions relating to experiences with auto repair shops like:

  • Which type of shop you use for your auto repair and maintenance
  • What most influences your reason for the type of shop you use
  • Describe an exceptional experience you’ve had at a shop

As you may remember from previous episodes, the goal of these interviews is to provide feedback for repair shop owners.

Sharing can help improve the way shops do business and improve the services they provided their customers.

My hope is that this information will help answer questions about the interview process. If you have auto repair stories you’re willing to share I look forward to the process of connecting with you.

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