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Introduction to the Auto Shop Podcast API001

An Automotive Podcast By Dave Eastman

In this first episode Dave Eastman introduces the podcast as an alliance between repair shops and auto owners. He presents his vision and objective for the podcast as a way of helping auto owners have a better auto repair experience by accessing unbiased and trustworthy information from repair professionals. Most of the episodes will be in the form of interviews with a variety of individuals who are willing to contribute by sharing their experiences, ideas, passion and expertise. 

The objective will be to improve the auto repair process for both consumers and service providers. This will hopefully reduce unnecessary frustration, expenses, and facilitate encounters between car owners and shop owners that build trust.

 Dave introduces himself and presents his recent 20 years of experience working with over 700 repair shops, his ASE certifications as a master technician, and the many positions he has held in the auto service industry. His passion for helping improve the auto repair experience for auto owners drives the mission of using the podcast format to connect repair shops and auto owners in mutually beneficial sharing.

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