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Palmer’s Automotive Repair Interview ASI006

In today’s episode I speak with Neil Palmer of Palmer’s Automotive Repair in Twin Falls ID. This is the first auto shop owner interview I have done. It starts the process of accomplishing part of the podcasts mission, which focuses on three aspect which are:

  • To help repair shops get the word out about their business with podcasts
  • To help auto owners get to know shops in their community by listening to their podcast
  • To have the shops share helpful tips for auto owners

The unstated objective of the interviews is to help auto owners get to know shop owners and employees better. The belief is that if you hear them talk about their businesses and themselves, you will get to know them better. As they share their values, knowledge and passion for helping their customers you can come to trust them more.

In these episodes you’ll hear them share their beliefs about car repair. They’ll explain why they recommend maintenance to their customers. They will point out specific examples of how it can save you money on auto repair.

Shop employees will explain how they do the maintenance and they will share what will happen if the car services are not performed.

Palmer’s Automotive Services in Twin Falls and Kimberly ID

In this discussion with Neil Palmer we cover three aspects of Neil’s business. We discuss the Palmer’s Auto Care Podcast, the Palmer’s Automotive Repair shop and the Vehicle Service Center (VSC).

Palmer's Auto Care Podcast logoWe start by talking about the podcast. We have completed episodes on topics like air conditioning maintenance, cooling system maintenance, batteries and check engine lights.

The goal of the Palmer’s podcast is to share helpful tips and information about car repair and services that answer questions drivers have about their vehicles. We have chosen the following to describe the podcast mission:

  • Present the inside story about automotive repair and maintenance services
  • Share the secret to extending your cars life
  • Present information about maintaining your vehicles systems like brakes, air conditioning, transmission, engine, cooling systems and electrical systems
  • Sharing advice to that helps vehicle owners make good car care decisions that decrease auto repair expenses.

Palmer’s Automotive Repair Full Service Shop

In describing Palmer’s services at the main shop Neil said it’s a full service bumper-to-bumper facility. They do everything mechanical a car or truck will need short of bodywork and tires.

Any mechanical work needed from diagnosis of check engine lights to repair of electric windows, windshield wipers, lights, charging and starting system can be repaired here.

Neil mentioned when a vehicle is serviced at the VSC for light maintenance it undergoes a 25-point inspection. Any major work noted during the inspection will be referred to Palmer’s Automotive Repair shop.

Vehicle Service Center Kimberly IDVehicle Service Center Lube Shop & Maintenance Center

Neil said we no longer have 30/60/90k mileage services like our old vehicles had. The most common maintenance service intervals on newer cars are 60k and 120k miles.

When those services come up they usually require hours of work. They are more mechanical jobs like doing tune-ups, timing belt replacements, water pumps, major brake jobs, and other services. Those services are referred to the main shop.

The VSC is designed to handle smaller, less mechanical services like:

  • Transmission services
  • Transfer case services
  • Differential fluid changes
  • Battery replacement
  • Brake fluid flushes
  • Oil changes

Every service includes a 25-point inspection. We check maintenance schedules from the manufactures to determine what services are needed. All recommendations are to meet the manufactures standards to keep the vehicle maintained.

VSC services take between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. Neil said their service includes all fluids and related items. They are professional services that will help Twin Falls County drivers save money on car repairs.

The main shop is 5 miles from the VSC. It’s only a 5 to 10 minutes drive between the two. They both serve the same area but with two different missions.


Neil said there is a lot of information on the podcast episodes that our listeners will find helpful. He said if anyone has a question to feel free to call him at (208) 735-8810. He is always happy to help.

He also brought up the do-it-yourself (DIY) folks. He recommends they use caution to not create a problem that is larger, or more expensive, than their original problem.

He mentioned a DIY person that came to the shop last week. They had replaced fuel injectors and coil packs on their car to fix a problem. When that didn’t fix the problem they brought it to Palmer’s.

The engine had a bad valve that was causing the problem. All the money spent on the other components was wasted, because they were most likely not bad. The problem remained after they were replaced. The car needed internal engine work to repair a bad valve.

Thanks for listening to this episode. We hope this type of information is helpful and will give us the opportunity to have more repair shops tell their story on the Auto Shop Connection Podcast.

If you listened and like what you heard we would appreciate you giving us feedback in the form of a review on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, or any other podcast hosts.

Thank you for listening.

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