My First Vehicle was a 1954 Ford Pick-up Truck


[spp-player url=”″] Your first vehicle might have been a real peach! Mine, a 1954 Ford ½ ton pick-up truck, definitely was NOT! It had faded green paint, a driver’s door that frequently flew open while driving, and a worn-out engine. In 1967, while working part-time at the Shell Gas Station near my home in Oak […]

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Boise Veterans Get Free Oil Change

Garry’s Auto Veterans Day 2016

Garry’s Automotive Supports Boise Veterans Every year, local businesses across the Treasure Valley show appreciation to veterans with coupon discounts and free offers for a variety of goods and services. Last year, posted a list of freebies and discounts for categories like food & beverage, personal care, recreation & entertainment, retail store merchandise, and […]

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Auto Repair Stories Connect Customers to Shops

Highway Auto Stories

Almost everyone has one or more auto repair stories they could share . . . a story that countless drivers can relate to. Here’s one of my own about a brake pulsation problem on our 2003 Buick that was proving difficult for our repair shop to pinpoint. After multiple trips and repair bills that didn’t […]

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Why Produce an Auto Repair Podcast

Auto Repair Shop Podcast sign

  Three observations about changes within our society and the auto repair and service industry answer the question “Why produce an auto repair podcast?” Automobiles are becoming more and more complex requiring auto repair and service providers to keep improving to stay competent and relevant Social media and technology provide access to information about industry […]

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