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62 million Americans listen to podcasts. 64% in a given month listen in their Car or Truck

Podcast listeners are affluent. 41% of them have median incomes over $75,000. 17% of those have incomes over $100,000. 12% have incomes over $150,000.

Finally Rid Yourself of Having a Limited Online Presence.

Your website is primarily built with text (words). You know few of us take the time to read. You also know almost everyone has a smart phone. Cell phones excel in presenting audio (voice) and video. Cell phones are made for Podcast Listening.

You may not know that audio podcast recordings can be shared as text, Youtube recordings, and social media links. 

But the best function of podcasts is moving them to Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts for the whole world to hear!

You have probably heard about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits of video. Videos on your website can help it get more traffic. Audio podcasts have almost the same benefits (some people say better), and they are much easier and less expensive to produce.

Our Simple System Gives You Confidence with 3 Modules:

Teach You to Podcast

We will give you a free introduction to doing a co-hosted podcast for your company. If you like it you can sign up to start recording your company podcast.

Teach You to Produce a Podcast

As we record and publish six or more podcasts, you will move to the module of learning to host and produce your own podcast show. Writing, processing and publishing.

Teach You to Master Podcasting

Mastering podcasting includes full production, including sharing to other hosting and social media platforms. SEO, WordPress and other marketing functions.

​Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for you? Here’s how you can apply this to your life in just 3 steps:

The first step is to sign up for a trial recording.

We record a call using a land line, cell phone or Zoom APP. You will see how easy and quick it is to participate in a co-hosted podcast interview.

The second step is to commit to completing six podcast episodes with a co-host.

Questions and topics will be pre-determined and organized the interviews. Content for discussion will relate to automotive repair and maintenance areas your company has expertise in.

The third step is to move forward with coaching you to produce your own show.

You will learn about equipment, podcast hosting companies, WordPress websites, and how to conduct interviews. You will produce your own podcast episode from writing to uploading to iTunes and other hosting sites.

Schedule Your Recording Date and Time Today!

As an auto repair professional, you will be sharing your story and presenting helpful information for auto owners. Interviewing you as an owner or your employees will give the opportunity to share your philosophy of doing business and your expertise or speciality. Telling your story will allow automotive service customers come to know, like, and trust you, even before they visit your shop.